Spaghetti Overdose

I’ll never look at spaghetti the same way again.

This past weekend, my wife, Eliza, prepared a whole lot of spaghetti for the whole two days I was to spend at home. It was actually our agreement to engage in a spaghetti marathon over the weekend. It was a long time since I have eaten that stuff plus the fact that we (Eliza and I) like the stuff got me agreeing with her to prepare great amounts of that stuff good for a whole weekend.

It was early Saturday when we started the eating marathon. Two full plates of the stuff got my appetite satisfied that time. Then serving after serving of the same food for all meal and snack times for the next 36 hours almost made me throw up. Plate after plate of the same Gordian knot of noodles topped with the sauce and meat whose taste I gradually began to resent, eventually got me fed up, well literally and figuratively that is. Plate after plate of the same stuff had me seeing it from something edible to a muck of something despicable.

After I finished the last of it last night, my conversation with Eliza went something like:

Me: (Feeling sick,) I don’t want to see anymore spaghetti for the rest of the year!
Eliza: (Giggles…) I told you, you won’t outlast me in a spaghetti marathon.
Me: Honestly, would you still eat the same stuff tomorrow all over again if we still had more left?
Eliza: Yup!
Me: Alright, I give up… (Goes outside for a smoke.)

Next time I’ll get even with pizza! 🙂