Fatalism – II. September Jinx

What is it about September that I have to fuck up at something during this
time of the year? Well I took the time to write down about some stuff that
really went wrong the last few years during this month.

It was September of 2002 when I lost my job. It was my first job and I
don’t wish to go into its details. All I can say is that it had me in a
very deep shit (most especially financially) as I have a wife and an
eleven month old daughter then. Luckily I got a job about a month after
that fiasco.

Years after that incident, it seems to have been a blessing in disguise
because my job back then didn’t involve Software Development at all.
Two years after losing my job (2004,) someone pickpocketed me to rid me
off my cellphone. The mofo sat beside me from Cubao then got off somewhere
at Libis one morning around mid-September that year. That was the last
time I rode a jeep from Cubao towards Libis.

While a Nokia 3310 doesn’t sound much of a big loss even back then, it was
so for me because I had no spare for such an immediate quasi-need. Luckily
my father sent me cash for another phone so I got myself a Nokia 2300. Not
much of an advance, technology-wise that is, but i find its built-in FM
radio useful during my long travel time and times of boredom.

Finally just last September 12, it’s my wallet’s turn to disappear from my
pocket… this time back at Malabon. And it happened at a time when I
couldn’t have bothered to have more pains in the neck than what I had
before that time until now.*

In short I spent a whole afternoon having my 3 credit cards and 2 atms
blocked at a time when I was supposed to look after my wife and daughter.
I even had no time to iron out things related to my lost SSS ID. Thank God
I got to have all 5 cards blocked immediately, (though I’ll have to worry
about my Cell Phone bill soon because of the mad scamper I had to make to
do so.)

So I guess I won’t be enthusiastic about the commencement of the
Ber-months next year. Uhm… and the stupid month’s still not even through this year.

* Refer to The Last Man Standing blog entry.


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