Happiness In Birthdays

To write about something which happened before already is not I oftentimes do but what the hell?! I might as well write about something regarding my birthday last October 17. This is my blog anyway.

Besides the usual Happy Birthday greetings I got and thanked other people for, I never got to do anything special. I just spent time with my family and got to talk with my father a couple of days before that day. Perhaps the nearest thing to something special for me that day was the day I got to spend away from work and with my family. That by any pragmatist’s standard is worthless but what the hell?! Who says I’m that much pragmatic?

So just to lengthen this entry further, here are things I’ve come to learn (sometimes the hard way) during my 26 years of existence in this planet, 6 things come to mind:

  1. Fight for what you believe in – I should know because what I do now essentially resulted from such a decision years back. I wouldn’t fill in the details here lest I turn this to a cheap melodrama I would later on resent. It never was easy especially at first but I guess it was something I had to pay for because I found happiness in it.
  2. Know the law – Being a straightforward person, I never really liked talking to lawyers. I had the impression that those people had more than one way of looking at things but I on the contrary, know how to look at things my way. But I live in a country where there’s the law and I found this out the hard way when I almost got into a legal trouble, (of which I wouldn’t fill in the details here again because I wouldn’t want to dwell on it much anymore.)  Not knowing the law could literally make one lose his/her shirt. I couldn’t put it any better than the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad: Know the law because it is expensive not to know it.
  3. Do it right away – Throughout my almost 4 years of work as an IT person, I have learned to hold this as a cardinal rule. Time wasted at work can only be realized (and sometimes takes its toll) when one realizes the lack of it. When I feel bored, (which is surprisingly oftentimes,) the first thing I do is to finish work first, (or finish off as much of it) before taking it easy. I have observed that those who get into trouble with deadlines do it the other way around.
  4. Take it easy – Hard work doesn’t always translate to perks such as promotions and salary increases so I found out that shooting the moon doesn’t get anything worth the effort. Sure there are things I got to learn in trying to do so but I could’ve learned those things just as well without compromising my health, leisure time and sanity.
  5. Indulge with yourself – If there’s one thing I’ve done more often recently than in the past years I’ve been working, it’s to get to enjoy myself more. Hence I’ve been spending more time on drinking sprees with friends. I work for 40 hours the whole week (maybe even more) so I don’t have to justify why I need to release my stress on something.
  6. Find new things to do – Recently it’s crosswords and babysitting for me. Finding new things to do does help break life’s monotony. I should know. I’ve played the piano, violin and guitar, I read, I write, (which is why I’m going through such painstaking to write something of such length to the best of my ability,) I enjoy music and sports, I drink, I smoke, I meet new friends and many more other things. Despite these my list for more new things to do just keeps getting longer.
  7. Love yourself – Well not literally that is. This is definitely not the least and it’s good I’ve learned to do so. I love all the things about myself. Should someone else throw a list of my weaknesses at me, I won’t fret. Those along with my strengths define my individuality.

So having finished that one whole bunch of seemingly sensible nonsense, I can now go on with my life. After all, I wouldn’t have to write something about my birthday ’til next year.

Welcome Highfiber ver. 6.0

So much for version 5, here’s version 6 of highfiber which kicked off last Sunday. One thing I like about the current version is the way I got to customize my avatar to look like that in the image above. So far a number of other members found that avatar cool too.

I’ll have to wait ’til the time the site goes a hundred percent in version 6 though. I’m still having problems using the site properly in Firefox, (especially in using the text editors for comments) and a number of other problems for both IE and Firefox.

Blifaloo Puzzles II

It’s the end of another hell of a week and at last I’m finally rushing to finish this blog entry. Well that image above says it all-my prize for sticking my nose into that second set of Blifaloo puzzles for nearly a week. Talk about obsessive compulsive tendencies! Image

Just when I was about to give up, I guess good things come to those who are persistent. Anyway, I posted just the answers in a comment on my shoutout as I am already pretty drained to make a detailed solution as in the first set. Image

Blifaloo Puzzles I

I posted this shoutout at highfiber last week and I got the solution shortly after. Well I’m busy (or bored) enough to copy-paste the content of the entire posts so to anyone who just would care, go click the links. Image

The image above was what greeted me when I finished all 5 riddles/puzzles in the first group of puzzles/riddles and I’m flaunting my trophy here in my own spot of the universe. It’s what’s shown when you do get to answer (or cheat) all five puzzles/riddles. Image

I’m still stuck with the fourth riddle/puzzle in the second group of riddles/puzzles though, (and it’s been five days now!!!) Image

Goodbye Highfiber v. 5.0

The countdown has already started last Monday and I’ve already taken my screenshot, (see the pic.) As of the time I’m writing this it’s officially 5 days before highfiber netizens bid farewell to version 5 and hello to version 6.

Incidentally that day is also my birthday. Image

What’s In A Name: Patrick Estrella

About last week before my daughter’s birthday, my wife Eliza bought Bianca the stupid toy in the picture. I say it’s stupid because I’ve seen some Spongebob episodes on TV and all that character’s role is to embody stupidity in a rather amusing manner. Little did I suspect that the prick would pull off its revenge against me for hating him when I came home from work that day.

All I know from watching cartoons was that the character’s name was also Patrick. It was only during that time did I learned that his full name was Patrick Star or as written somewhere in the toy’s packaging, was Patricio Estrella en espanol!!

And my credit cards, ATM’s, ID’s, Birth Certificates and other legal documents all show my name to be Patrick Estrella!!!

That explained Eliza and Bianca’s grins when I arrived. I only had a stupefied look to wear when I got to know about it.

Btw, the image is from http://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-8962070–_JM