What’s In A Name: Patrick Estrella

About last week before my daughter’s birthday, my wife Eliza bought Bianca the stupid toy in the picture. I say it’s stupid because I’ve seen some Spongebob episodes on TV and all that character’s role is to embody stupidity in a rather amusing manner. Little did I suspect that the prick would pull off its revenge against me for hating him when I came home from work that day.

All I know from watching cartoons was that the character’s name was also Patrick. It was only during that time did I learned that his full name was Patrick Star or as written somewhere in the toy’s packaging, was Patricio Estrella en espanol!!

And my credit cards, ATM’s, ID’s, Birth Certificates and other legal documents all show my name to be Patrick Estrella!!!

That explained Eliza and Bianca’s grins when I arrived. I only had a stupefied look to wear when I got to know about it.

Btw, the image is from http://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-8962070–_JM


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