Flying Spaghetti Monster

Here’s another flash game to waste away time or just to feed your boredom.

As the flying spaghetti monster, you must convert as many people into pastafarians as you can before time runs out!

Use your mouse to guide the spaghetti monster across the playfield. Click the mouse button to deploy your noodly appendage toward the scurrying people!

Tremolo Of The Trembling Stars

When solace is to be found within vents for turning emptiness into an overflowing fountain with tiny pools of insanity, the ensuing sight sings yet another melancholy hymn while the familiar nocturne resounds far into the darkness.

The same path I trudge every night seems different this time. Or perhaps the intonation of my consciousness just wasn’t at harmony with what was there all along.

Will you walk with me then? Will you walk with me as I ask…

What are emotions when long before I already forgot how to cry and even farther before I could have trickled tears to fill a sea of sorrow? Perhaps the cold, damp pools from the drizzle know as they reflect the face of that of an indifferent soul as they always have.

What is life too when long before I used to see things in it in black and white when just then the given moment unravels its cloak of a multitude of colors? Perhaps the stars’ faint glistening gaze altogether means something as the light they shone far beyond the reaches of time bathes a soul tonight with such colorful awe.

I saw the world through the skeptic’s spectacles when long before I never cared to see you, knowing there was nothing in it for me, (as there will never be anything in it for me.)

Will you walk with me then before the last stroke of the violin’s bow echoes? Will you be with me after I lure the sun far beyond the horizon to give way to the night where the tremolo of the trembling stars resounds across the span of the abyss that is darkness?

The Lighter Side Of Corporate Life

I’ve been working for about three and a half years now. It’s not much especially when based on the typical yuppie’s standards yet I find it, (coupled with one boring day at work when a lot are still on vacation,) enough to be able to lay some rather amusing things down into writing.

Being a corporate slave is really a mix of a whole lot of things-from being at times stressful to at times dull, from finding your way through your maze of assignments to finding a way to get an increase, promotion or other perks, from getting along with well-meaning officemates to avoiding assailing and mean ones, and a whole lot of other craziness to make sure the average employee experiences insanity at varying degrees.

Then there’s humor…


At least she’s cute

My manager told of the time when he and a lot of other managers had to stay because of some discrepancies from their report and documents compared to those from people from one of the company’s foreign office. He was particularly in a bad mood then (which was quite rare for a good natured guy like him) so he was very frank to his immediate superior while they were communicating once that time. According to him, that communication about a certain person went as follows:

My Manager: I have to be frank with you, I’m so pissed off with this person! We have turned over carefully accounted records and documents to these people. Is it our fault that they don’t know how to understand english properly!
His Superior: Well… at least she’s cute.
My Manager: *suddenly stops, checks the global records for the woman’s picture then changes mood…* Hey you’re right…


Iniintindi lang namin ang kapakanan mo

In one of the previous companies I worked for, there was this conio female employee who was still new then. Once an officemate came to work with a plastic jar full of cookies which he shared with other officemates. That female officemate seem to have liked those because she kept on getting some once in a while.

Then while she was away from her work place, another male officemate opened the jar but it slipped and practically threw a lot of the cookies on the floor. Almost every guy there returned everything back into the jar as swiftly as he can. Then someone swept the floor equally as fast to make it look like nothing happened, just in time for the female officemate’s return.

True enough she asked the cookies’ owner for another handful, to which the guy allowed her, this time with a smile though. She got some cookies though but that grin and unusual gazes from other officemates made her hesitant to eat the stuff. Apparently they couldn’t convince her as she had to ask someone trustworthy. She chose to ask me:

Female Officemate: Ayos lang ba kainin ito?
Me: *Flashes poker face…* Oo naman.
Female Officemate: Sigurado ka ha?
Me: *Still flashing poker face…* Oo… sigurado yan!

So she ate the everything all up after which, the office heard the sound of our loud laughter. I can’t remember how long it lasted but when someone got to explain everything to her she went pale then she kept saying:

Female Officemate: Bakit niyo pinakain sa akin yun kahit natapon na?
Male Officemate 1: Ayos lang yun! Di mo ba alam na dapat may germs din sa katawan ng tao!
Female Officemate: Ang sama nyo, ang sama nyo, ang sama nyo…
Me: Iniintindi lang naman namin yung kapakanan mo e. Naisip namin na dapat magka-germs ka rin!

*More laughter here…*


Ang Gwapo Niya ‘No?

I have this female officemate who told of the time when she was with two handsome men in an elevator. Then the elevator stopped and opened for one of the men to get off. When the elevator closed she muttered “Ang gwapo nya…”

But her other companion, (to which she was apparently more attracted to,) unfortunately heard her and told her: “Oo nga e, napansin mo rin siya? Ang gwapo niya talaga no?”