Tremolo Of The Trembling Stars

When solace is to be found within vents for turning emptiness into an overflowing fountain with tiny pools of insanity, the ensuing sight sings yet another melancholy hymn while the familiar nocturne resounds far into the darkness.

The same path I trudge every night seems different this time. Or perhaps the intonation of my consciousness just wasn’t at harmony with what was there all along.

Will you walk with me then? Will you walk with me as I ask…

What are emotions when long before I already forgot how to cry and even farther before I could have trickled tears to fill a sea of sorrow? Perhaps the cold, damp pools from the drizzle know as they reflect the face of that of an indifferent soul as they always have.

What is life too when long before I used to see things in it in black and white when just then the given moment unravels its cloak of a multitude of colors? Perhaps the stars’ faint glistening gaze altogether means something as the light they shone far beyond the reaches of time bathes a soul tonight with such colorful awe.

I saw the world through the skeptic’s spectacles when long before I never cared to see you, knowing there was nothing in it for me, (as there will never be anything in it for me.)

Will you walk with me then before the last stroke of the violin’s bow echoes? Will you be with me after I lure the sun far beyond the horizon to give way to the night where the tremolo of the trembling stars resounds across the span of the abyss that is darkness?


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