Going Goowy

I encountered goowy while surfing last week and I must say it’s a pretty impressive emulation of the desktop features of the PC.

And I hope they come up with the blog and messenger sometime soon.

A Formless Jewel

Then again I bleed for words for you.

Ironic it is considering you’ve known me for what seemed to be ages when together we faced pain and peril, starvation and sickness, the unknown and uncertainty altogether. I thank you for many things, some of which time may not permit me anymore to tell you as I have to bother myself with my other earthly endeavors. Perhaps when my being transcends this existence I could ask the soothing wind to whisper to your ear those that will be made clear to me then.

But until then I must say once and for all first that were I to face the same choice I made more than four years ago, I’ll still choose you over the life that promised me comfort in life by sacrificing the very ones I will hold dear now. With you I had to immerse my feet in mud and wallow in the stench of the other side of the life I chose.

While the cynic laughs at the dreamer’s gaze upon the stars as the former says the latter is at the mercy of the puddles on the road, my sight remains affixed at the same twinkling entities that remind me of you: a beacon amid the darkness of the life I chose.

History bore witness to the rise and fall of heroes and despots altogether through Time’s hourglass. Far more than those whose legacy remain to be revered by a multitude of common men, I leave you with nothing but sentiments shaped with words in an attempt to present you with a formless jewel you can choose to look back in coming years. Know then that when the time came to remember your twenty-sixth year of existence, I tried hard and hoped even harder to give form to that jewel I presented you in the said time.

And while there were men in the past who found fame and fortune yet came to pass carrying a void within their existence, I still look at the same stars promising with something far more than the certainty that I will never reach them.

I found you.

The Nursery Girl Named Bianca

Because I (and my wife Eliza) can’t have enough of my cellphone’s camera, I’ve created an online photo album at Yahoo of Bianca’s nursery pics. There are initially 4 pictures (her graduation pictures) there so I guess my cellphone’s camera is not taking it easy soon.

I’ve also uploaded 4 additional pictures at her other photo album.