On Vocations – The Worst Sins’ List

Incidentally today is Ash Wednesday. However this post has nothing to do with the said Roman Catholic feast day. It’s just one of those sermons I still remember and find fitting to occupy a post in my humble blog.

The following content was shared by an American priest who said mass in Greenbelt when I was still hearing mass, (when I was still in college if I’m not mistaken.) So without further ado, here’s something insightful on the subject of vocations written by a person who could barely remember some of the story’s particular details:


Once there was an old priest who was assigned to a far parish. Then one day a young bishop informed him that he was going there so the old priest prepared his place for the coming visitor.

The young bishop came when the old priest was asleep in a seat in the former’s porch. The bishop quietly sat on another chair in the porch and focused on the view of the country for quite a while.

Later the old priest woke up and said his apologies to his guest. He then proceeded to prepare some refreshments after the latter assured the former of not being bothered at all.

As the two were having a conversation the young bishop asked the old priest. “Do you mind if I tell you a story?”

“That would be wonderful,” replied the old priest. “I sure could use some new stories for my homilies.”

And so the young bishop began:

A young priest was once assigned in a suburban parish. Upon hearing this a gang of young boys then decided to “welcome” the new priest of their place.

So they got together to think of a way to do just that. They thought of a lot of ways to “greet” the priest.

“Should we slash the tires of his car? No that would get us into trouble with our parents.

“Should we break the glasses of the windows of the Church? No that would get us into trouble with our parents.”

And so they thought and thought.

Finally one of them came up with the perfect idea.

First they’ll come up with a list of sins and arrange it in such a way that it keeps on getting worse. Then one of them will go to confession to the young priest and tell all of them. They figured that the priest will get more and more confused as he hears all those sins he will not know what to do!

And so they did just that. They all thought of the worst sins they can think of and listed everything.

“I tripped an elderly woman.”

“I broke all the windows in the neighborhood.”

“I burned a cat.”

And the sins kept getting worse and worse.

After they finished the list, their leader ordered the gang’s weakest looking member to memorize the list as he was to be the one to go to confession.

And he did just that.

To be continued…


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