Living Linux

I spent my entire day yesterday getting my PC to work on Ubuntu, a “flavor” of Linux. Though it took a lot of painstaking I’m pretty impressed with the OS’ usability and efficiency, especially when the fact that it’s free comes to mind. Shown in that pic is the GAIM Internet Messenger I use to communicate with my YM contacts.

Here are some of my impressions:

  • I’m much of a Windows developer so thanks to the Crossover software for Linux which allows a lot of Windows applications to run in Linux.
  • The GIMP Image Editor packs much more capabilities than Windows’ native Paint and Kodak Imaging programs. The program is almost like a lightweight Adobe Photoshop that is just suited for users who don’t delve with such image graphics programs yet use the said software from time to time. Most of all, it’s free.
  • The usability of the OS is not that hard. Well it has to be so as to live up to it’s slogan “Linux for Humans.” A lot of the stuff around it (i.e. Networking, File System, IM and Web Browsing,) is pretty much like that in Windows.
  • Getting to learn a lot about Unix/Linux scripting so as to harness the OS’ full potential is one of the big downsides of jumping from Windows to Linux especially for someone who’s been using Windows ever since. I’m not complaining though, it’s another material for my resume anyway.

Here are other screenshots of my Desktop btw.


New Office, New View

Just finished moving to a new office space in the same building yesterday. And I’m starting to like the ambiance this spot of Ortigas presents, (at least compared with the one we left.)

I’ve uploaded more pictures here.

You Know Your Kid’s A Lot Like You When…

One good thing that breaks the rigorous monotony of yuppie life is when I get to experience what it’s like to be a father the kickass way. Sure I have a daughter but when her genes start to show themselves unexpectedly the experience can be rather amusing.


Ako Sa Megamall, Ikaw Sa Malabon Zoo Lang

Days before my daughter was to celebrate her fourth birthday she was childishly insulting me that she would have a grander birthday than me. So the conversation went something like:

Bianca: Ako me cake sa birthday ko, ikaw wala! (I’ll be having cake on my birthday unlike you!)
Me: Kukunin ko yung pambili mo ng cake tapos ipambibili ko ng beer! (I’ll get the money for your cake and I’ll use it to buy beer!) Hahahahaha…
Bianca: *Cries loudly, runs to her grandmother then after a while comes back then shouts…* Ako magb-birthday sa SM Megamall, ikaw sa Malabon Zoo lang!!! (I’ll be having my birthday at SM Megamall unlike you who’ll have yours at Malabon Zoo only!!!)

Leaving me perplexed for quite a while. Damn, where’d she get that!!!


Wag Mo Nga Kaming Pakialaman

When I came back home from work one night during the time when my daughter was still in her second day in nursery she unusually wore sweet smiles. I asked my wife why and she told me what had happened to the kid in school.

It turned out that when one of the teachers told her and another girl to keep quite and listen, she answered back: “Wag mo nga kaming pakialaman, hayaan mo kaming mag-usap! (Mind you own business, let us talk to each other!!!)”

And even funnier was that she was still unfazed when she and her mother was in front of the Principal because of the incident. She was hurrying her mother to go home already even while the school people was still berating her!

She got to realize how wrong she was when her grandparents and her mother kept on harping how wrong she was at home. It might have made her realize how wrong she was, hence the cute smiles all over me when I arrived that night…


Astronaut Ako E!

In her yearbook my daughter indicated that she wanted to be a teacher someday. When I came back home from work one night recently I was quite surprised to hear that she wants to become an astronaut this time. When I asked why, she replied that there’s not much money for teachers and unlike for astronauts.

Anyway I and my wife proceeded to have a conversation. Then some moments later Bianca and my wife got to throw kickass lines at each other after the former refused to follow the latter regarding something I already forgot:

Eliza: Hindi na kita bati! (I hate you!)
Bianca: Hindi na rin kita bati! (I hate you too!)
Eliza: Hindi na kita ibibili ng gusto mo! (I won’t buy you the stuff you want!)
Bianca: Hindi na rin kita ibibili ng gusto mo! (I won’t buy you the stuff you want too!)
Eliza: Bakit may pera ka ba?! (Why, do you have money?!)
Bianca: Oo naman, astronaut ako e!!! (Of course, I’m an astronaut!!!)

And she’s still a friggin four-year old kid! I wonder what’s in store when she turns five.

Getting your taxes to work for you

Much as I want to update my blog more frequently I simply can’t. Most of the time I’m stuck with work too much that it slowly kills me. I chose that along with cigarettes and alcohol to be the poison which kills me slowly. Talk about a masochist. I’m free to choose my demise anyway.

Anyway around the last weeks of January or early February I got to get my taxes to work for me. Well I almost got ran over by a wayward FX driver in the process but nonetheless instant karma never tasted this sweet!

On our (me and two other officemates) way to Megamall a traffic enforcer made us to wait for passing vehicles before signalling us to cross the portion of the intersection where there was a pedestrian lane. Except for the leftmost lane all the other ones had vehicles occupying them stalled before we proceeded.

Just as we were in the middle of the leftmost lane a speeding FX didn’t seem to want to stop. Its speed had us stop suddenly as the elderly man driving the vehicle stepped on the breaks and had it stop about 6 inches before my leg.

Nonetheless when we got to cross the street my officemate exchanged profanities with the driver before the latter sped off. Unfortunately for him he had to halt across a long queue of vehicles waiting to turn left towards Megamall and we had luck smiling on us as there was a motorcycled traffic enforcer who egged us to complain about the bastard!

So for the next ten minutes we vented our ire on the moron after the said traffic officer went after him and had him answer three of us. I generally let those things pass but that was not the time I wanted to be used as a guinea pig for him to know how effective his breaks were!

To cut the long story short we didn’t leave that spot until the traffic enforcers issued the poor man a ticket. After all that mishap nearly cost us our free taste of Bailey’s. 😀

Revisiting Elysium

And into the Elysian fields it is…

The only thing funny about finishing tasks at work is that it leaves me bored. Well for the longest time in my stay with my present employer I’ve been stressed with stuff so I’m not complaining about idleness this time. It’s downtime for me again only this time, my finances didn’t cooperate so that I can take the merriment towards the wee hours of the morning.

Nevertheless I’m taking it. Whoever said someone wins everything in life anyway? If ever there’s someone who really does he or she might have been diced thinly by other unfortunate souls like me anyway.

In the meantime it’s back to ol’ simple frolicking across the meadows of stagnation for me. It’s a full weekend ahead waiting for an IT who has yet to recover from flu so I’m not complaining.

I guess I’ll go back to munching biscuits and sipping Java for now. 😀

Coffee, Biscuits, Nicotine and Gastric Acid Galore

A rare, warm breeze in the typical summer afternoon in one of the business districts in this country greeted me as i walk the usual path i take towards the nearest ATM from the office. Amid the towering skyscrapers that dominate this region of the city and the seething heat that manage to make their way through the skyscrapers’ frames, the cars and jeepneys flowed along the streets while other persons paced the sidewalks towards somewhere i wouldn’t care to know being the typically arrogant snob i am.

After i endure the pains of working while ill with flu, attending to my sick wife (some of whose sicknesses i cannot even remember anymore) and daughter and slaving most of the day as a corporate whore, i’m down to the last scrap of my savings account yet again; the only thing alarming being that this pretty much becomes usual and as such is no cause for alarm anymore. Is it surprising then that i spend my days living on a meager amount that lashes out another adversity in finding something hardly edible and filling for the apetite of someone nearly beaten down to a pulp? While some cheap coffee and biscuits during the same afternoons take away some of the sting of a disgruntled stomach, the same nights of warm breezes, lonely shadows, proud people-dwarfing monoliths and lifeless lights from the same vehicles dotting the veins of the same city are spent with the same soul trudging the streets with the effects of the mixture of gastric acid, coffee, negligible food intake and nicotine for the day that ended, concealed by the same face of the being that has grown apathetic to its risks.

As every step thrust on a seemingly endless sea of concrete wills a beaten frame homeward, the certainty remains that there’s more of the same for tomorrow. No wonder pessimism has made its way to my subconcious with every lash of life inducing wounds from where it slowly blurred the outlook of an optimist once.

At least I got to keep the appearance of a clueless kid. 😀