Coffee, Biscuits, Nicotine and Gastric Acid Galore

A rare, warm breeze in the typical summer afternoon in one of the business districts in this country greeted me as i walk the usual path i take towards the nearest ATM from the office. Amid the towering skyscrapers that dominate this region of the city and the seething heat that manage to make their way through the skyscrapers’ frames, the cars and jeepneys flowed along the streets while other persons paced the sidewalks towards somewhere i wouldn’t care to know being the typically arrogant snob i am.

After i endure the pains of working while ill with flu, attending to my sick wife (some of whose sicknesses i cannot even remember anymore) and daughter and slaving most of the day as a corporate whore, i’m down to the last scrap of my savings account yet again; the only thing alarming being that this pretty much becomes usual and as such is no cause for alarm anymore. Is it surprising then that i spend my days living on a meager amount that lashes out another adversity in finding something hardly edible and filling for the apetite of someone nearly beaten down to a pulp? While some cheap coffee and biscuits during the same afternoons take away some of the sting of a disgruntled stomach, the same nights of warm breezes, lonely shadows, proud people-dwarfing monoliths and lifeless lights from the same vehicles dotting the veins of the same city are spent with the same soul trudging the streets with the effects of the mixture of gastric acid, coffee, negligible food intake and nicotine for the day that ended, concealed by the same face of the being that has grown apathetic to its risks.

As every step thrust on a seemingly endless sea of concrete wills a beaten frame homeward, the certainty remains that there’s more of the same for tomorrow. No wonder pessimism has made its way to my subconcious with every lash of life inducing wounds from where it slowly blurred the outlook of an optimist once.

At least I got to keep the appearance of a clueless kid. 😀


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