Revisiting Elysium

And into the Elysian fields it is…

The only thing funny about finishing tasks at work is that it leaves me bored. Well for the longest time in my stay with my present employer I’ve been stressed with stuff so I’m not complaining about idleness this time. It’s downtime for me again only this time, my finances didn’t cooperate so that I can take the merriment towards the wee hours of the morning.

Nevertheless I’m taking it. Whoever said someone wins everything in life anyway? If ever there’s someone who really does he or she might have been diced thinly by other unfortunate souls like me anyway.

In the meantime it’s back to ol’ simple frolicking across the meadows of stagnation for me. It’s a full weekend ahead waiting for an IT who has yet to recover from flu so I’m not complaining.

I guess I’ll go back to munching biscuits and sipping Java for now. 😀


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