Getting your taxes to work for you

Much as I want to update my blog more frequently I simply can’t. Most of the time I’m stuck with work too much that it slowly kills me. I chose that along with cigarettes and alcohol to be the poison which kills me slowly. Talk about a masochist. I’m free to choose my demise anyway.

Anyway around the last weeks of January or early February I got to get my taxes to work for me. Well I almost got ran over by a wayward FX driver in the process but nonetheless instant karma never tasted this sweet!

On our (me and two other officemates) way to Megamall a traffic enforcer made us to wait for passing vehicles before signalling us to cross the portion of the intersection where there was a pedestrian lane. Except for the leftmost lane all the other ones had vehicles occupying them stalled before we proceeded.

Just as we were in the middle of the leftmost lane a speeding FX didn’t seem to want to stop. Its speed had us stop suddenly as the elderly man driving the vehicle stepped on the breaks and had it stop about 6 inches before my leg.

Nonetheless when we got to cross the street my officemate exchanged profanities with the driver before the latter sped off. Unfortunately for him he had to halt across a long queue of vehicles waiting to turn left towards Megamall and we had luck smiling on us as there was a motorcycled traffic enforcer who egged us to complain about the bastard!

So for the next ten minutes we vented our ire on the moron after the said traffic officer went after him and had him answer three of us. I generally let those things pass but that was not the time I wanted to be used as a guinea pig for him to know how effective his breaks were!

To cut the long story short we didn’t leave that spot until the traffic enforcers issued the poor man a ticket. After all that mishap nearly cost us our free taste of Bailey’s. 😀


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