Living Linux

I spent my entire day yesterday getting my PC to work on Ubuntu, a “flavor” of Linux. Though it took a lot of painstaking I’m pretty impressed with the OS’ usability and efficiency, especially when the fact that it’s free comes to mind. Shown in that pic is the GAIM Internet Messenger I use to communicate with my YM contacts.

Here are some of my impressions:

  • I’m much of a Windows developer so thanks to the Crossover software for Linux which allows a lot of Windows applications to run in Linux.
  • The GIMP Image Editor packs much more capabilities than Windows’ native Paint and Kodak Imaging programs. The program is almost like a lightweight Adobe Photoshop that is just suited for users who don’t delve with such image graphics programs yet use the said software from time to time. Most of all, it’s free.
  • The usability of the OS is not that hard. Well it has to be so as to live up to it’s slogan “Linux for Humans.” A lot of the stuff around it (i.e. Networking, File System, IM and Web Browsing,) is pretty much like that in Windows.
  • Getting to learn a lot about Unix/Linux scripting so as to harness the OS’ full potential is one of the big downsides of jumping from Windows to Linux especially for someone who’s been using Windows ever since. I’m not complaining though, it’s another material for my resume anyway.

Here are other screenshots of my Desktop btw.



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