Delight in Darkness

For almost three weeks now homes near my family’s humble abode have been hiding in the shadows every night. I’ve had to thread the darkness to reach home every evening since then because Meralco changed their power lines.

The number of houses left without electricity every night is vengeance for those few of us in the place who religiously in our obligation to pay for something we used. It’s really funny that there were people who in the process of intimidating linemen sent by the electric corporation, ended up getting humiliated in the process. So goes one exchange:

Lady: Bakit niyo tatanggalin yung mga linya ng kuryente? Sigurado bang hindi maaapektuhan ang kuryente namin diyan sa gagawin niyo?!!
Lineman: Basta may kuntador po kayo siguradong may kuryente kayo pagkatapos namin dito.

Priceless! Then there was one afternoon when I even saw a group of freeriders trying to check electric lines for another possible free source of the “commodity”. It was quite amusing to see how shameless these people have become in getting services for something they don’t bother to pay for.

Without any success for their painstaking at securing power from anywhere else the shameless leeches now have to wait for at least two months before Meralco approves their application before eventually giving them electricity.

Just when you thought you don’t get anything for being honest. I guess the universe has its way of beating the pragmatist in you at times.


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