When the whole family was on its way home from malling yesterday, we noticed a banner hung in front of the gate of one of the more known Churches here in Malabon. It is announcing that there’s no tuition fee increase for this school year. I actually have noticed that announcement since early this year but I just learned yesterday from my wife and my niece who studies there that the school concerned still implemented an increase.

All I could do was snicker and comment on how ironic it was that the blatant display of a lie was to be hung in front of the gates of what supposedly was God’s house. Actually I wasn’t surprised since I’ve seen a lot of more surprising ironies in this God-forsaken country. Besides I wouldn’t have to bother myself with such problems until at least after two years.

So much as it’s quite late for one I might as well wish all you the students of the 2006-07 school year a whole lot of luck.