It Never Rains But It Pours

So for the fourth consecutive working day I arrive at the office after braving rain showers, occasional gusts of wind, perennial floods during the rainy season and the usual hassle of having to elbow your way through the massive crowd of other corporate slaves to avail of public transportaion.

My umbrella and my jacket has become a staple addition to what I have to carry along with me on my way to work. For two days I have been allowed to wear jeans and rubber shoes to work. Throw in the fact that I come fom Malabon and it pretty much spells out the inhumane hullabaloo I had to go through just to get to work and to come back home. It’s literally a very trying time…. and more tiring as it is. It never rains but it pours after all.

I guess one thing going for me is that I’m not very harrased when it comes to work this week. Sure there are still things to be done but crunch time doesn’t come until next week. So it’s pretty much early in, early out for me this week.

Also it pretty much surprises me that I’m not yet sick, not even the slightest cold or a nagging muscle pain. Apart from the craziness I’ve had to undergo the past days, I didn’t even bother to cut my cigarette quota for a day, (about 12 to 15 sticks,) so I find my condition somewhat surprising.

Good for me. At least I get one of those rare streak of days when I can update my blog.

How Nerd are You?

Got the link from Ms. Jeth’s blog.

I am nerdier than 34% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

All because I don’t have my own computer. Image

The Lighter Side of Smoking while Drinking?

I rarely check my RSS feeds but when I did this morning, I was pretty glad I did. Some study claims that smoking while drinking “reduces alcohol effect.” While it’s still pretty much scientific theoretical hullabaloo, (mainly because the study was done on rats,) it’s another lame excuse for me not to quit the habit.

A Little Something for the Kids

As a parent one of the things I’ll eventually face would be explaining sex to my daughter. Luckily I ran into something that may help shed some light, (or confuse,) to my offspring though.

For those who oftentimes find it difficult to explain sex to kids out there, (and perhaps those who may have been thinking how to deal with such situations,) this might help.

Thanks a lot to Dave Chappelle. Image

My Own 360 Theme

So I finally get to have a few hours tweaking this blog and not surprisingly I found it quite tedious because it involved choosing color combinations. I’ve discovered about 4 to 5 years ago that I am color blind so anything that has to do with colors is my waterloo. With that said, I’d appreciate it if I get feedbacks from normal people out there. Nevertheless, here’s what I was able to come up with.

I still intend to move my blog somewhere in the not so near future for the following reasons though:

1.      I can’t find a place to link to other blogs in the 360 homepage. Sure I can see other 360 contacts’ pages of my friends but not all of them use the 360 blog service. Throw in the fact that other friends don’t give a damn about making use of Yahoo 360 at all and there’s my point.

2.      Other people need to log in to Yahoo to be able to comment in 360 blogs. Pretty much of a hassle if you’d ask me especially for other people who are randomly browsing blogs.

On Color Blindness

I posted this article more than a year ago at hifi and just because I’m too lazy to squeeze out some cerebral juices off my spinning brain, I’m posting it here again:


I’ve only been able to discover my color blindness in my early twenties, meaning I have been unknowingly seeing colors differently from most people for more than two decades now. I only got to know of my defect when I underwent (and failed) the Ishihara test a few years back. Only then did I understand why people keep on disagreeing with me when it comes to colors.

To those who may want to know if they’re members of the statistic, you may want to try this out. Also, here’s a clinical definition and a genetic viewpoint of color blindness to those interested.

The latter goes on to show that majority of cases of color blindness involve men. I believe my case is hereditary because I’ve not had any of the illnesses mentioned in the former. Unfortunately the bad side of having hereditary color blindness is that it cannot be treated. Fortunately though, it doesn’t get worse than seeing colors differently.

Killing Kenny

The only thing surprising about getting squashed with a crazy schedule for almost 3 months now is being able to squeeze this entry here. Got this create your own Southpark character link while getting one of the rare chances to read stuff from other blogs… in this case, Lei’s.

Goowy IM

Instant Messaging capabilities within the goowy-style drag-and-drop environment. I still encounter some bugs (such as some exchanged links not appearing,) in the service though. Image

Goowy Files

It’s 1 GB available storage and as far as I know, one can listen to uploaded MP3’s and other audio files in it… of course with the same drag-and-drop goowy feel that is. Image

Goowy Updates

Again a busy schedule is all I need to mess up my resolution to spend more time keeping my spot of the internet up to date. Nevertheless if memory serves me right, goowy incorporated two very cool features to their already kickass array of drag and drop free web services like email, calendar and games early this year: web file storage and instant messaging. Everything was kinda buggy the first few months but as of this time, I’m pretty contented with the way the two additions are working.

Throw in a goowy-flavored blog and this one’ll hit a dead-end.