My Own 360 Theme

So I finally get to have a few hours tweaking this blog and not surprisingly I found it quite tedious because it involved choosing color combinations. I’ve discovered about 4 to 5 years ago that I am color blind so anything that has to do with colors is my waterloo. With that said, I’d appreciate it if I get feedbacks from normal people out there. Nevertheless, here’s what I was able to come up with.

I still intend to move my blog somewhere in the not so near future for the following reasons though:

1.      I can’t find a place to link to other blogs in the 360 homepage. Sure I can see other 360 contacts’ pages of my friends but not all of them use the 360 blog service. Throw in the fact that other friends don’t give a damn about making use of Yahoo 360 at all and there’s my point.

2.      Other people need to log in to Yahoo to be able to comment in 360 blogs. Pretty much of a hassle if you’d ask me especially for other people who are randomly browsing blogs.


One Response

  1. Damn right it’s a hassle! Move your blog. Now!

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