On Color Blindness

I posted this article more than a year ago at hifi and just because I’m too lazy to squeeze out some cerebral juices off my spinning brain, I’m posting it here again:


I’ve only been able to discover my color blindness in my early twenties, meaning I have been unknowingly seeing colors differently from most people for more than two decades now. I only got to know of my defect when I underwent (and failed) the Ishihara test a few years back. Only then did I understand why people keep on disagreeing with me when it comes to colors.

To those who may want to know if they’re members of the statistic, you may want to try this out. Also, here’s a clinical definition and a genetic viewpoint of color blindness to those interested.

The latter goes on to show that majority of cases of color blindness involve men. I believe my case is hereditary because I’ve not had any of the illnesses mentioned in the former. Unfortunately the bad side of having hereditary color blindness is that it cannot be treated. Fortunately though, it doesn’t get worse than seeing colors differently.


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