It Never Rains But It Pours

So for the fourth consecutive working day I arrive at the office after braving rain showers, occasional gusts of wind, perennial floods during the rainy season and the usual hassle of having to elbow your way through the massive crowd of other corporate slaves to avail of public transportaion.

My umbrella and my jacket has become a staple addition to what I have to carry along with me on my way to work. For two days I have been allowed to wear jeans and rubber shoes to work. Throw in the fact that I come fom Malabon and it pretty much spells out the inhumane hullabaloo I had to go through just to get to work and to come back home. It’s literally a very trying time…. and more tiring as it is. It never rains but it pours after all.

I guess one thing going for me is that I’m not very harrased when it comes to work this week. Sure there are still things to be done but crunch time doesn’t come until next week. So it’s pretty much early in, early out for me this week.

Also it pretty much surprises me that I’m not yet sick, not even the slightest cold or a nagging muscle pain. Apart from the craziness I’ve had to undergo the past days, I didn’t even bother to cut my cigarette quota for a day, (about 12 to 15 sticks,) so I find my condition somewhat surprising.

Good for me. At least I get one of those rare streak of days when I can update my blog.


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