Guide to the JLA Unlimited

I’ve not been much into DC comic book characters back then so I’m linking this from so as to keep pace with the Justice League Unlimited animated series.

Monster Island

I’ve encountered a rather different online novel in blog format about a couple of months ago. Zombies abound in Monster Island by David Wellington’s piece making use of the jitters from the undead haunting the United States.

While I never got past Chapter 2 yet, I think the work’s pretty much good. I’m saving the literary critique for sometime as I’ve got a handful of things in my todo list as usual.

Gimme Links

To whoever gets to read this,

I’d just like to take some time off to thank you.

No, really. I just can’t imagine anyone actually taking some time off to visit my meager spot more so religiously do so. Zero comments in most of the entries seem to support this coupled with the fact that not many of us are really into Yahoo 360.

Hmmm… makes me think what the hell I’m doing here. Seems like a nice blog entry topic for next time though.

Anyway, the least I’m going to ask of you, (if this entry still hasn’t gotten you into some Z’s yet,) is for your blog link/s. I’m really pissed off with the fact that this friendster-like, blogging facility still hasn’t managed to come up with a way for me to display liks to other blogs where I (and maybe someone among you who do care,) to access those blogs quickly primarily because not many of us blog using Yahoo 360. I already ranted about this not too long ago but it’s starting to become more of a yuppie’s Christmas wishlist.

So there, gimme your links and I’ll highlight this entry so I can easily get to your turfs.

Note: The image btw came from here, (

107,565th Richest Person in the World

How rich are you? >>

I’m loaded.
It’s official.
I’m the 107,565 richest person on earth!

Just because the real hotshots have better things to do unlike me.


I’ve been programming for as long as I can remember so I find it handy to consult a source code search engine from time to time. Here’s Krugle for the intent.

Not that I’m a script kiddie but time is a pretty significant factor in development that it’d be wrong not to keep the site in mind.

So much for another No-Jolog Haven

Hifi’s one of the sites I used to frequent so much.

I used to because back then it was actually a no-nonsensical Filipino site where everything was intellectually stimulating and humorously interactive. Throw in the much about nothing and nothing about anything in particular way things were and I found it much to my liking. Apart from Yahoo mail actually, it’s one of those sites I’ve devotedly visited for almost four years now.

Lately though, the jologs population has made its way among the ranks of the site. And their swelling number has taken its toll on the quality of posts….. and I’m not yet even talking about those that make it to the front page.

Which is why I find this thread one for the ages – a stark contrast between a respected oldie and an insecure newbie apathetic to the shame he got himself into unknowingly. Apart from the humor alluded to the latter making a complete and absolute fool out of himself, (I don’t even have time to write my wise cracks here,) it’s pretty much a telltale sign of the end of that haven I luckily once found in cyberspace.

Who the hell cares anyway? Definitely not an oldie who’s fed up with imbecile poseurs roaming around that community content with flaunting their poking/patting abilities. Talk about keeping the site out of reach of children.

Roboxer 2

I’ve been playing with Roboxer 2 via Goowy Games for days now and I must say it’s pretty addicting. The setting’s pretty much like the late Punch Out which is one of my favorite video games back then. The pic above shows the opponent in Level 2. As I’m writing this, the farthest I have gone to’s Level 5.


I was supposed to have this posted yesterday but had a handful of things to do. Nevertheless here it is….


It was pretty surprising that it was sunny this morning. Maybe it’s because I’ve never seen it rain for a very long time and in effect I’ve been wearing smart casual at work for an equally long time and I’ve been experiencing those troublesome times in commuting to and from work for a seemingly longer period of time.

Regardless of which it seemed to be quite a welcoming day. At least before I got to work that is.

When I arrived at the office, I went through my usual quick motion. I turned on the lights, the server where the time-in facility was, (as I always did because I was always the first one to arrive,) and the office aircon. Only when I switched on the third did I realize that there was no electricity. There’s the bigger surprise I thought.

I then called the management and admin people to inform them of what happened. The admin person then called the building administrator to inform them of the problem. The latter then said that he dispatched someone to take a look at what happened.

A couple of hours later our admin person arrived. There was still no electricity and there were two of us idle developers then already. That’s two manhours down the drain for me because of the incident. Not that I’m complaining but I could’ve used that for more worthwhile stuff, (like bumming over the internet.)

So what she (admin person) did was to carry all pertinent documents as she swiftly went to the building administrator’s office. Around 15 minutes later, the lights went on.

What happened? It seemed that our company somehow got included with the list of delinquent unit tenants and owners as far as electric bills payment is concerned. Nevermind the fact that we were up to date with our payments. nevermind that our current electric bill’s due date falls tomorrow. Nevermind the fact that they were supposed to give us a notice before they do so, (well they said they sent one but we didn’t receive it because there was no person when their messenger/maintenance person got there.) Nevermind that we had a lot of projects which got stalled because of their shortcoming. And finally nevermind that there were a lot of other companies in the building which had to complain about it at the same time our admin person did.

They started being strict about a lot of stuff around the place and they were determined to show everyone that they mean business. Great going guys! You really showed a lot of us here one thing: it doesn’t take a lot of brains to run a 30-floor building!

Let’s see. First, straight from the horse’s mouth you told us that you were wrong in computing our due date. We could’ve let that one pass since everyone makes mistakes anyway but it is your responsibility to inform us that you’re going to cut off electricity from our unit. And no, (my next point really,) a notice we didn’t receive from you because you didn’t see to it that your messenger/maintenance person who was supposed to give to to us didn’t do so during regular office hours is not acceptable because that doesn’t justify that we were properly informed. That notice is something you should slap the faces of complaining hotheads with at the same time you tell them that you told them so.

Nothing like a rant you never thought could grow this long to start your day.