So much for another No-Jolog Haven

Hifi’s one of the sites I used to frequent so much.

I used to because back then it was actually a no-nonsensical Filipino site where everything was intellectually stimulating and humorously interactive. Throw in the much about nothing and nothing about anything in particular way things were and I found it much to my liking. Apart from Yahoo mail actually, it’s one of those sites I’ve devotedly visited for almost four years now.

Lately though, the jologs population has made its way among the ranks of the site. And their swelling number has taken its toll on the quality of posts….. and I’m not yet even talking about those that make it to the front page.

Which is why I find this thread one for the ages – a stark contrast between a respected oldie and an insecure newbie apathetic to the shame he got himself into unknowingly. Apart from the humor alluded to the latter making a complete and absolute fool out of himself, (I don’t even have time to write my wise cracks here,) it’s pretty much a telltale sign of the end of that haven I luckily once found in cyberspace.

Who the hell cares anyway? Definitely not an oldie who’s fed up with imbecile poseurs roaming around that community content with flaunting their poking/patting abilities. Talk about keeping the site out of reach of children.


One Response

  1. ditto.

    oh well… maybe that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. 🙂

    -pinkstar @

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