Gimme Links

To whoever gets to read this,

I’d just like to take some time off to thank you.

No, really. I just can’t imagine anyone actually taking some time off to visit my meager spot more so religiously do so. Zero comments in most of the entries seem to support this coupled with the fact that not many of us are really into Yahoo 360.

Hmmm… makes me think what the hell I’m doing here. Seems like a nice blog entry topic for next time though.

Anyway, the least I’m going to ask of you, (if this entry still hasn’t gotten you into some Z’s yet,) is for your blog link/s. I’m really pissed off with the fact that this friendster-like, blogging facility still hasn’t managed to come up with a way for me to display liks to other blogs where I (and maybe someone among you who do care,) to access those blogs quickly primarily because not many of us blog using Yahoo 360. I already ranted about this not too long ago but it’s starting to become more of a yuppie’s Christmas wishlist.

So there, gimme your links and I’ll highlight this entry so I can easily get to your turfs.

Note: The image btw came from here, (


2 Responses

  1. Acer’s new adventure blog.

  2. Alright that’s it. Now I can’t even put links in comments here. I guess it’s about time I seriously take steps in moving my blog somewhere else.

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