One Down, Three to Go

I just got rid of my Equitable Mastercard a few minutes ago and boy, does it feel good to get rid of such a pain in the ass.

Technically though, I’ll still have to follow up the cancellation as I just faxed my documents a while ago.

For months extending into roughly 3 years now, I’ve been dancing around my financial woes and until recently, things start to look promising. All those earlier years of being underpaid had to hit me somewhere with a lasting effect: my pocket. With my daughter’s barge into a private elementary school looming around, I had to start planning. I knew it was hard but I knew it would be harder if I the time comes that I don’t have the options I have today.

So after a few juggles and the best financial planning I could muster, I’m left with three credit cards. The latest I would be able to zap the next one would be next month leaving me with a couple more which I plan to pay off until next year. That should leave me enough time to “improvise.”

So cheers to a seemingly (or elusively,) brighter financial future ahead.


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