Well, Well, Whadayaknow

Just when I thought I wouldn’t stuff another stream of texts here, I end up writing something. Actually I was just busy passing the day, reading stuff I penned previously.

So what happened? As a lot of you already know, my father-in-law passed away last month prior to which cancer pressed against him. That was more than enough stress. (I don’t even want to open my next credit card bill even for a slight peek. Incidentally that credit card with the biggest dent happens to be the same credit card I should’ve closed roughly a month after I posted the previous blog entry here.) It was more than enough to keep me away from this blog when I should’ve talked about my daughter’s birthday, my own birthday, a whole lot of social issues and an even greater deal of insights on a wider plain of topics.

I’ll write about them though. How soon we’ll see. I’ll have to agree with Lei that ideas in your head tend to become stale when you don’t put them into writing.* And before anything else, I’d like to thank those who expressed their condolences to our family for what happened… or some other bullshit to that effect, (just when you thought I was starting to sound generic, huh!)

* People who know me know that I put links when I mention someone. Well strangely, I don’t know her blog. Sure I can look for it but I’m pretty lazy to pull off a search like I usually do when I was hifi’s resident linksman.

Please do me a favor then. If you happen to know Lei’s blog, please post it in a comment here. Comments here don’t allow HTML so the plain URL would do. When I get the time to actually hone and use my PHP and MySQL geekery, I’ll relocate my ramblings to where comments can accomodate at least links and where there’s an easilly accessible sidebar for links to other blogs, sites. Are you reading this 360 hotshots?!!


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  1. thanks tere.

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