Iodine for the I in IQ

Since I used to find time to write about something relevant to social issues, health, progress, politics, history and other stuff that actually made people think I’m smart and sensible, I’m taking another shot at it with this recent NY article regarding Iodine and International IQ.

The article begins its discussion of the ingredient’s significance by mentioning Valentina Sivryukova’s success in Kazakhstan in trying to raise public awareness regarding the benefits of using iodized salt. Ms. Sivryukova is the president of the National Confederation of Kazakh Charities.

Proof of this is the fact that only 29 percent of its households used iodized salt in 1999 compared to the current figure of 94 percent. This, even though it’s still considered a developing nation, shows that public health can be achieved with the proper initiative and support.

The rest of the article then talks about the advantages of iodine, global awareness on the issue, current situations in other countries regarding and international drives to eliminate iodine deficiency. I guess the one that pretty much caught my attention was a fact there stating that iodine deficiency lowers intelligence by 10 to 15 I.Q. points!

If I recall it right, FVR initiated a similar campaign during his term as president. I’m pretty curious at how it actually affected the national I.Q. What I keep on seeing in international intellectual ratings and evaluations are hardly encouraging. Examples of this are the continuous plunging of the quality of local universities in Asiaweek’s ratings and another international study on grade school intelligence placing the filipino kid somewhere among the last on the list of asian countries.

And I haven’t even talked about other IQ-related factors such as budget allocation on and policy making affecting education and academic research, and poverty reduction.


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