Stats Anyone

Though it’s still very early before the next school year, here are some links to statistics from ADB’s website. So to students who need reliable statistics sources, here’s one good candidate.

For instance, the Regional Tables category of that page provides several data derived from the Key Indicators 2005 publication, which contain many additional regional and country tables of economix and financial indicators.

Some of these information include data on population, health and nutrition indicators and land use for areas of studies such as demographics, public services and agriculture.

Triple X

As I was about to log on to my blog to create an entry, this blog article got my attention. It basically refers to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’, (ICANN,) recent disapproval of proposed “.xxx” domain for online porn.

The internet never ceases to amaze me. Over the years of using it, I have seen how powerful the internet superhighway has become it terms of capability and scope and if there’s one quality I would attribute to it, it’s definitely not going to be censorship. Not that I don’t agree with the body’s ruling but a valid point was raised regarding having all online porn comply with the proposal if ever it got to push throug.

That has to yield more protection for children online compared to the current hodgepodge of porn across several domains which at times can be mistaken for something else.

Every Drop Counts

It was World Water Day last March 22.

As I was on my way to work, a lady gave me a brochure from the DENR which highlighted important facts about that commodity people take for granted. Since it was one of the few yet unfortunate times traffic crept on the streets of EDSA during those hours this summer, the print kept me mindless of the time I had to spend on the way.

Just the same old facts really. The tons of water the Angat dam releases every day to supply Metro Manila, water pollution causes, percentage of freshwater and underground water available highlighting the need to conserve them, figures on water usages of different sectors of society, a study on water expenses and usages of households replete with percentages attributed to each activity involving water and a lot of other unsurprising hodgepodge.

Not to dislodge the topic with cynicism, here’s the World Water Day article from ADB’s site that same day for more related material that tackles the issue on a larger scale. Short stories, photo essays and video documentaries on water issues from other Asian countries are found below the article.


I’ve finally decided to move my blog elsewhere. It’s pretty much something I’ve talked about time and again in this blog but just had time to do so recently.

This is my 72nd post here after 2 years. Looking back, it was a whole lot of content and even greater deal of time spent, (or wasted,) here.

So there’s nothing much in order but a goodbye to Yahoo 360 and hello to WordPress. To those who wish to update their blogrolls and RSS feeds, help yourselves.

My Minis Prelude – I

I used to rave so much about goowy at my previous blog that it kept me from exploring the team’s new service when they launched it.

YourMinis is brought to us by the same people behind goowy. It uses Flash Animation and AJAX so much that startpages will never be the same.

Here’s a simple yet useful “tab” for me. Because of the surprising number of times I arrived home without finding a good meal on the table, I’ve had to make a mad scramble over delivery numbers of telephones on the internet about 5 to 10 minutes before the delivery services of fastfoods end for the night. Instead of keeping a phonebook or several brochures which could end up my daughter’s sketchpad or paper clutter somewhere, I thought it would be a good idea to keep everything all in one place where it would be to my advantage to have it available anywhere where there’s internet connection.

I’ve made it public to test if I can get it to embed here in a blog post here at wordpress. So here goes nothing…

Sammy’s Script

As I was sifting through the wordpress’ FAQ’s, I came across the following outdated article somewhere. Actually what had me spend some time writing about a year and a half IT newsflash was the technical explanation of the worm’s code.

I guess the fact that I started out my IT career learning the dirty work of keeping chaos at bay in Trend coupled with inate massochistic tendencies led me to actually study the virus off my free time, (a lot of people say I’m a geek in denial. Go figure.)

Coincidentally, the article in the first link’s post date coincides with my birthday.

Stuff It All In

From a loser of a Yahoo 360 blogger to a wordpress rookie.

Yup, I’ve set up a new home here in wordpress. Whether I’ll outgrow this or eventually settle here needs some time for me to find out. I’ve been raring to break free from 360’s clutches long ago but with the way I’ve struggled financially, it took quite long for me to get my own notebook and a flat rate at cyberspace.

So 71 posts in 2 years in my previous blog after, my first post here won’t be about my rants about Yahoo’s half-baked blogging facility, (if ever it really qualifies to be placed abreast with the big names in blogging.) I’ve had enough on ranting and waiting for Yahoo to actually come up with a pretty decent blogging service to keep a IT guy like me from setting up base somewhere else.

So if you’re one of those who get to read this post, please stuff all your blog or website URL’s in a comment on this post. If ever you get to convince me that you’re not here to kill me, hack into my PC or other online accounts or get me into trouble at work, then I’d like to have you on my blog roll, RSS feed, bookmark or wherever.

Yourminis Test

I’ve received an email from my goowy account notifying me of their latest service: YourMinis.

Since my ever so busy schedule allows me just a few minutes for the internet, my observations and views regarding will be spilled at a later post. For now, this post will give way to a simple script test.

So without futher ado, here’s my first yourminis tab:

var ym_serverlocation=’’ Heads Up Display