Stuff It All In

From a loser of a Yahoo 360 blogger to a wordpress rookie.

Yup, I’ve set up a new home here in wordpress. Whether I’ll outgrow this or eventually settle here needs some time for me to find out. I’ve been raring to break free from 360’s clutches long ago but with the way I’ve struggled financially, it took quite long for me to get my own notebook and a flat rate at cyberspace.

So 71 posts in 2 years in my previous blog after, my first post here won’t be about my rants about Yahoo’s half-baked blogging facility, (if ever it really qualifies to be placed abreast with the big names in blogging.) I’ve had enough on ranting and waiting for Yahoo to actually come up with a pretty decent blogging service to keep a IT guy like me from setting up base somewhere else.

So if you’re one of those who get to read this post, please stuff all your blog or website URL’s in a comment on this post. If ever you get to convince me that you’re not here to kill me, hack into my PC or other online accounts or get me into trouble at work, then I’d like to have you on my blog roll, RSS feed, bookmark or wherever.