My Minis Prelude – I

I used to rave so much about goowy at my previous blog that it kept me from exploring the team’s new service when they launched it.

YourMinis is brought to us by the same people behind goowy. It uses Flash Animation and AJAX so much that startpages will never be the same.

Here’s a simple yet useful “tab” for me. Because of the surprising number of times I arrived home without finding a good meal on the table, I’ve had to make a mad scramble over delivery numbers of telephones on the internet about 5 to 10 minutes before the delivery services of fastfoods end for the night. Instead of keeping a phonebook or several brochures which could end up my daughter’s sketchpad or paper clutter somewhere, I thought it would be a good idea to keep everything all in one place where it would be to my advantage to have it available anywhere where there’s internet connection.

I’ve made it public to test if I can get it to embed here in a blog post here at wordpress. So here goes nothing…


Sammy’s Script

As I was sifting through the wordpress’ FAQ’s, I came across the following outdated article somewhere. Actually what had me spend some time writing about a year and a half IT newsflash was the technical explanation of the worm’s code.

I guess the fact that I started out my IT career learning the dirty work of keeping chaos at bay in Trend coupled with inate massochistic tendencies led me to actually study the virus off my free time, (a lot of people say I’m a geek in denial. Go figure.)

Coincidentally, the article in the first link’s post date coincides with my birthday.