Every Drop Counts

It was World Water Day last March 22.

As I was on my way to work, a lady gave me a brochure from the DENR which highlighted important facts about that commodity people take for granted. Since it was one of the few yet unfortunate times traffic crept on the streets of EDSA during those hours this summer, the print kept me mindless of the time I had to spend on the way.

Just the same old facts really. The tons of water the Angat dam releases every day to supply Metro Manila, water pollution causes, percentage of freshwater and underground water available highlighting the need to conserve them, figures on water usages of different sectors of society, a study on water expenses and usages of households replete with percentages attributed to each activity involving water and a lot of other unsurprising hodgepodge.

Not to dislodge the topic with cynicism, here’s the World Water Day article from ADB’s site that same day for more related material that tackles the issue on a larger scale. Short stories, photo essays and video documentaries on water issues from other Asian countries are found below the article.