Stats Anyone

Though it’s still very early before the next school year, here are some links to statistics from ADB’s website. So to students who need reliable statistics sources, here’s one good candidate.

For instance, the Regional Tables category of that page provides several data derived from the Key Indicators 2005 publication, which contain many additional regional and country tables of economix and financial indicators.

Some of these information include data on population, health and nutrition indicators and land use for areas of studies such as demographics, public services and agriculture.


Triple X

As I was about to log on to my blog to create an entry, this blog article got my attention. It basically refers to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’, (ICANN,) recent disapproval of proposed “.xxx” domain for online porn.

The internet never ceases to amaze me. Over the years of using it, I have seen how powerful the internet superhighway has become it terms of capability and scope and if there’s one quality I would attribute to it, it’s definitely not going to be censorship. Not that I don’t agree with the body’s ruling but a valid point was raised regarding having all online porn comply with the proposal if ever it got to push throug.

That has to yield more protection for children online compared to the current hodgepodge of porn across several domains which at times can be mistaken for something else.