A Closer Look at Global Warming

I can’t recall if I actually mentioned the real issue of the rise in the global climate in recent years and the alarm the scientific community and environmental organizations have raised over the past few months regarding global warming. The issue has captured so much attention recently that it isn’t surprising to hear bystanders talk about the subject casually over even coffee.

And there is much reason for a closer look. While there have been several studies on the subject during the recent years*, the results of a curious study released by a group of UN scientists in January foresaw a bleak future and even with the effort to greatly curb the use of fossil fuels, a significant rise in global temperatures and sea levels are still unavoidable. True enough, the doomsday picture it has painted has captured the attention of the country that has repeatedly snubbed the Kyoto protocol in the past: the U.S.

Even if I find it plausible that global warming is not entirely a man-made phenomena because countless volcanic and geologic cataclysms throughout the Earth’s history have been responsible for dumping sulfur compounds in the atmosphere all throughout the planet’s existence, the alarming results of the study have conclusively pointed out the blatant negligence of mankind to address the situation at least in the past two decades.

Then no less than Time magazine came up with an article to show 51 ways to contribute to the cause against global warming. The Global Warming Survival Guide is filled with such earth friendly tips and links, (such as one promulgating the use of LED’s and an interactively informative animation of an Earth-friendly home.)

I’m not one to hold Time magazine in high esteem for the topic, (especially since this isn’t the first time the publication wrote on the topic,) but the said article echoes what most science experts and environmental advocates have been harping on a lot recently, (like this editorial from the Financial Times during the end of the previous year,) and it is that clamor which places a great deal of pressure on addressing the issue.

* Some of the studies towards the end of 2006 include that of the Antarctic Geological Drilling Program, or ANDRILL, coordinated by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln involving 100 scientists from 4 countries and the Himalayan expedition sent jointly by China and India to study the effect of global warming on the glaciers there.


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