Playoffs – Round One

As a basketball fan, I have always been updated with the NBA when it’s playoff time. Ever since the start of the century, I’ve always been for the Spurs and why not? Putting your money on them has always been a good investment and with the way game 3 a while ago has been played, they’re looking good to go onto the second round.

While I’ve been always a Spurs fan, what caught my attention since last week has been the Warriors’ stand against the Mavs. While the best regular season record belongs to Dallas, they just have difficulty with Golden State.

I was ready to dismiss the latter as some sort of a jinx for San Antonio’s Texas counterpart before the stand-off began, (as eighth-seeded teams are usually passed off for,) but Nelson’s guys’ showing in the first two games of that first round series sure had me anticipating the next games of the series.

And what better way to add a little spice to that series by linking up a pun of a postgame scene in the Warriors’ locker room. From Nelson to Baron Davis to Baron’s beard, (yes, that’s the top gun’s beard talking right there,) to Stephen Jackson to the international players and to all other guys in the ballclub, that Bay Area sports fan blog author sure had me laughing in this part of the planet.

And interestingly, the Warriors are up 2-1 over the Mavericks after taking game 3. It’s all the more reason to put the series under the microscope as Dallas sure needs to win the next game or they’re in trouble.


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