Freelancing Anyone?

If you’re a Notes/Domino guy and have been weeding through the IBM’s Notes forums in the course of using the technology, chances are you’ve encountered Benedict Poole, (or benpoole if you’re more familiar with his handle.) The guy’s got a big name in Notes/Domino development for years now that he’s one of those Notes people whose blog I visit once in a while.

Anyway I encountered his entry on freelancing last week and I must say that after reading a few articles, it was a nice find. He’s right: It is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information.

The entry basically points to a site dealing with stuff on freeleancing called Freelance Switch. Seems ’twas aptly named as the first entry one gets to see today would be the top 10 reasons you should quit your job today and become a freelancer. Also here are some stuff I already got to check out there which are definitely noteworthy, (I have taken the actual titles of articles as is.)

101 Essential Freelancing Resources

An update indicates that the actual number of resources is currently 126. Just the same however, get links to important and useful online resources for Timing, Invoicing, Project Management and Organization, Stock Libraries, Business Tools, Legal, Job Boards, Web Tools, Advertising and Marketing and other Miscellaneous stuff. (Told you this site’s worth a closer look.)

The Monster List of Freelancing Job Sites

Another extensive list this time of freelancing job sites. Heard of online opportunities but don’t know where to find yours? This one’s got Traditional Job Listings, Job Aggregators, Job Bidding Sites, International, Non-English Sites and Sites with Occasional Freelance Positions.

A Lot of Jobs in One Place

Going through lots of jobs in different sites eats up a lot of time that’s why this article of job boards which aggregate posts in different job sites will definitely be handy for the interested freelancer.

Pitching and the Decision-Making Styles of Clients

Going on to client-related tips, here are ways on how to win that project from your client, be they Charismatics, Thinkers, Skeptics, Followers or Controllers by peeking at their decision-making.

12 Breeds of Clients and How to Work with Them

After the pitch, comes working with the client. The article goes on to show how to work with the Low-Tech, Uninterested, Hands-On, Paranoid, Appreciative, Get-A-Good-Deal, I’ll-Know-It-When-I-See-It, Always-Urgent, Decision-By-Committee, Doormat, Budget and/or You-Should-Be-So-Lucky client.

Getting an Edge on the Competition and Should You Work for Free

The former reads like your typical career article on career improvement while the latter jots down rules of thumbs in dealing with clients asking for freebies. Again for the latter, everything can be summarized in a word: No. For the curious reader though, the article and No Spec link in it are nice reads though.


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