Three Ball – II

This time a literal one. That three ball made by Horry with less than a minute to go to take the fight away from the Nuggets and more importantly a 3-1 lead for the Spurs as they take the series back at home where they can finish it all there.

I guess this time it’s safe to say the Nuggets are toast. Never mind the clutch baskets the guy’s accustomed to make in his NBA career, not even in the last game where Horry made important three’s and another clutch jumper late in the fourth quarter. But they just let Big Shot Rob throw the three again when they were just down by one! Just when you thought they learned their lesson from the previous game.

The result: the Spurs lead ballooned to 4 and the Nuggets never recovered from there. Anyway, I love the Jeff’s pun on the Horry and Parker pic here.

Horry to Parker: So, what do you say, Tony, you drive, kick it to me in the corner and we get out of here?



4 Responses

  1. Robert Horry is a demon. I tell you, he sold his soul to the devil in exchange for excemptional clutch plays. haha

  2. well he’s one of those who don’t need to do anything at all during the regular season then goes BAM in a few minutes or even seconds to literally hand out victories to his teams althroughout his career. watching the guy makes you think that life’s really unfair especially for superstars quicker, bigger and stronger than the guy as the former works nearly 48 minutes a game only to be let down by the latter. and the sad thing about it is that the guy has 6 championships to show for making few but big-time shots while a lot of superstars work their butts off on the court and end up retiring with none.

    thanks for visiting my blog btw.

  3. Well at least let’s give him some credit, he’s been doing that for what? 10 years? He has steel like nerves and he’s willing to take those big shots at crunchtime. Although I might sound crazy for saying this but, a couple of years back teams would kill to have a Robert Horry on your roster. And as for his 6 championship rings let’s blame Hakeem, Shaq and Tim Duncan for that 😀

    thanks for visiting my blog btw.

    No problem, I enjoy reading blog entries. Talking about wasting away my summer 😀

  4. i am giving him credit dude! in fact, i’ve been rooting for the spurs for a number of years already. i was one of those who actually saw the plus points in the spurs signing him up a few years back when attention was all on the lakers, the suns and the mavericks.

    what i like about the spurs is that no one superstar is out to make his mark every game; each one of the 5 units on the floor is potent. with this in mind, horry sure fits the bill. just a few help D’s, analysis of opponent’s moves which lead to steals then 3 point shots to bloat the lead from somewhere around 3 or 4 to 6 or 7, and killer clutch 3’s down the stretch because opponents need to double-team or help on manu, tony or td.

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