Three Ball

Yesterday might as well go as one of the most exciting days in the playoffs ever. Sure I’ve seen exciting playoff days as well but the developments yesterday were definitely of greater significance than any other exciting playoff day I’m aware of. And these don’t involve drastic ejections or suspensions yet.

Nash goes 1 assist short of NBA Record

Steve Nash came up with another great performance after dishing out 23 assists, 1 short of Magic Johnson’s and John Stockton’s playoff record, as the Suns go on to take Game 4 of their series against the Lakers. Kobe’s in real trouble as dropping 50’s won’t be enough if they’re counterparts run their offense the way they did in that game.

And much as it was splendid for Nash, there are still two other games more significant than Nash’s near record.

The Heat are on Vacation

Yup, it happened alright. The Miami Heat have just made a record by being the first NBA defending champion to be swept in the first round of the following year’s playoffs, much to the dismay of the Heat fans.

Kudos to the Chicago Bulls for winning the series in a very convincing manner. I’ve read countless comments pointing out to the Heat’s woes, (e.g. Wade’s shoulder, Shaq’s age, Bulls’ speed and athleticism.) Regardless of these the fact that we’re going to have a new champion this year makes the following rounds of the playoffs more unpredictable and very exciting.

So the only thing definite right now would be a Pistons-Bulls series in the East coast. I would have actually written this off as the most important news bit yesterday but out west, something even more swashbuckling happened.

Dallas is a Loss Away From Joining Heat

The mighty Dallas Mavericks of 67 regular season wins is about to join the Heat on vacation if they don’t get their acts together. It was absolutely absurd to place your money on the Golden State Warriors prior to the start of the series considering the way the Mavericks dominated the regular season and the fact that the Warriors almost never made it to the playoffs.

And now it is even more astonishing that Golden State enjoys a 3-1 lead over Dallas but it happened anyway. Baron Davis powered his teammates to the frantic win that pushed their counterparts to the edge by scoring 33 points including all important assists.

Not that I make it a habit to go for underdogs but it seems like this would be the first time in a long while that the previous figures in the NBA finals end up on vacation in the following years playoffs via losses in the first round.  Coupled that with the fact that Golden State is up against a deadlier squad, (not to mention healthier and more athletic,) in contrast to the Bulls’ matchup makes it the top playoffs dime for yesterday.


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