Top 5 CSS Tips

CSS LayoutsThe geek in me has this list of IT-wise goals I need to achieve before the year ends and one of them is a better grasp of CSS. Sure I’ve been using it for quite some time already but I’ve never actually wielded the mastery of the web ingredient enough to actually have me design a pretty decent website without taking a peek at other references and code.

Thanks to this blog entry from which the title was taken, I think I could aim to actually start somewhere. While I’ve just skimmed through the entry, the links there do look something definitely worth a second look.


2 Responses

  1. Hope your second look was/is fruitful and thanks for the link 😉
    You might if you up for a bit of a scary challenge look at

    You could also look at our CSS article on accessibility as well.

  2. i sure hope i get to have the time soon. it feels like i’m missing a lot but what can i do? i have to catch up on my expenses.
    anyway thanks for taking time to post here.

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