It’s Time for the NBA Finals

It’s settled then, the Cleveland Cavaliers will face off with the San Antonio Spurs for the NBA Finals. Winner of the ensuing best of 7 claims the championship and becomes the King of the Hill that is the 2006-07 NBA Season.  I must admit that I was pretty much surprised with the entry of the Cavs considering that their opponents, the Detroit Pistons, were heavily favored to advance. And that lot happens to include me, (as etched somewhere in my previous blog entry.)

What can I say, Lebron James found the help he needed to help his team advance. Good for him, tough luck for the Pistons. Now I’d like to hear from those analyst wannabes who wrote negatively about the kid from not being able to hit clutch shots to not being the great leader MJ was supposed to be, (hell even the comparison makes me cringe about the lack of objectivity in today’s self-proclaimed gurus.)

Moving forward, I’ve vouched for the Spurs in recent years and I have no intention of changing sides this time. Moreover, the entry of the Cavs in the Finals should give the Spurs the advantage. I’d like to see how James plays the series though because I’ve heard him once that he plays hard against the Western heavyweights given the fact that Eastern teams are generally perceived to be weaker compared to those from the other conference.

Should prove to be something to look forward to.


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