On Fatherhood

One of the things I got to realize as a provider was that it was a different experience altogether. I guess by now we’ve all countlessly heard how hard, stern and daunting the whole idea is. It might be overly-dramatic to say it was life-changing but for the lack of a better term, you’d have to lump me along with that lot.

Anyway, my wife and daughter just came home a while ago with a father’s day gift I really appreciate: a new and decent leather belt. Now I have something that’s not overly-tight nor overly-loose to use.

While that appreciation qualifies me as a cheap old dude, I can only plead guilty. You see, one thing that fatherhood instilled in me is that my family should come first in everything, (a cliché again but what can I do?) It was only then when I opened the box that I realized that I evolved into someone so different from Patrick circa 2001.

Five years after graduation, I already find solace in the company of a loving wife and a smiling daughter. It would have been unthinkable for me then however here I am writing this post now. The mere presence of playfully wreckless kids around would have been enough for me to blow my top then yet here I am looking forward to the presence of one later beside me when I sleep. The mere idea of foregoing my physical comfort wouldn’t have been a consideration back then yet it is much of an imperative now. Her education and my family’s basic needs come before my luxury this time.

I guess the list could go on but one nice thing about fatherhood is that despite the uncertainties I will have to face in the future, I will be doing it without remorse knowing that I have something which will keep me going and going and going and going….

Anyway, Happy Father’s Day to my dad, Cecilio and to all other dads out there as well. 🙂


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