Blog of the Day: Money Smarts

5 years of fatherhood required me to take a look at the future from a whole lot of different perspectives. Apart from major decisions such as taking a look at the feasibility of acquiring assets for my family, (i.e. house and lot, family car, etc.,) the future pressures me with one thing I’ll have to eventually wrestle with: college education.

Right now I can say I’m pretty good at minimizing expenses. But what about actually coming up with that amount of money? That’s one room for improvement I’ve been starting to look at in the recent months.

Here’s Money Smarts by Salve Duplito. The blog dedicated to personal finance not only features finance articles by the author but other financial perspectives from other people knowledgeable in it. What oftentimes ensues in the comments trail is a healthy exchange, (or clash) of ideas.


2 Responses

  1. Ei Patrick, thanks for featuring my blog :). Everybody is invited to just jump in and share in the discovery of personal finance!

  2. the least I can do really. I’ve been hanging around there commenting once in a while because I find the stay worthwhile and content informative so far.

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