Random Icons Anyone

Domino LogoWhile I was finding a “cool” icon for a database I was working with, I encountered an online article from Breaking Par Consulting. It was basically about changing the database icon of a Notes database programmatically and the method applies to either a scheduled or user-triggered approach. Both are also implemented in the sample there.

When asked if “this is stupid?” The article proceeds:

I can tell you from experience that implementing this makes users want to go into the database. They want to see what the “icon of the day” is, and then they end up reading information in the database.

So in the true spirit of one successful design criterion in Web 2.0, (the design should make users want to pay attention to content,) which I’ve seen defended so many times by other web designers, I’m getting this done soon. I’m also looking forward to reading the other interesting-looking articles too.

The image here is from Jake Howlett’s blog entry, Fancy Notes Icons, btw.


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