Yahoo Mail’s Unlimited Storage

Yup, you’ve read it right. I first saw it more than 3 weeks ago but didn’t have the time to blog about it until now, (yup, reality’s still holding me back from getting stuff here as I often do when I was blogging for a span of time about 2 years back.)

The Storage Meter is HistoryWhat caught me was the login page’s image and the tagline, The storage meter is history! Pretty interesting considering that Gmail has been pretty much leading the free web mail crop the past years. I even checked to make sure if it was a move from Yahoo mail in its role in catching up with the breakthroughs of Gmail in the free web mail marathon.

I was surprised. It was the first time in a long while that Yahoo Mail actually beat GMail in something in terms of firsts in the web mail functionality. GMail still presents 2.8 GB of free online storage though and I’m not taking it off the race yet. I don’t know about other IT analysts but I think the good number of users who jumped ship when GMail announced its 1GB of storage against Yahoo Mail’s then 250 (or 100) MB, if I remember it right. Here are two reasons I can come up with:

  • 2.8 GB is still a lot of storage even to the most active internet user. While Yahoo practically presents a lot more storage, recent history about GMail’s development indicates that the latter will most likely follow suit in order to contest the leadership in the free web mail market.
  • GMail still has more points for usability. While Yahoo Mail Beta has already been there to carry Yahoo’s flag in the AJAX arena, (where GMail beat them to it again,) there are other usability factors such as detaching multiple attachments, where Yahoo fails to make it easier for the user to perform.

Anyway, in its page explaining the unlimited storage facility of the service, Yahoo points to outstanding engineers working on an incredibly efficient backend storage system and responsive anti-abuse controls behind the updated storage system. It further expresses the caveat on the unlimited storage: the responsive anti-abuse controls will find abusers of the unlimited storage capability who seek to make the system as an online storage warehouse.

I’m pretty interested to see not only how GMail will respond to the challenge in the upcoming months but also how Yahoo Mail will maintain the service.


2 Responses

  1. You mean just like the “unlimited” internet service you get from your ISP?

    This is a dishonest marketing ploy. If you were to use this in an unlimited fashion, you would make the acquaintance of their abuse team pretty quickly.

  2. Hi Greg,

    Thanks for dropping by. As for your comment, I’m not sure if you were referring to the unlimited web mail storage when you mentioned “‘unlimited’ internet service you get from your ISP.”

    You’re right about one thing though, it is pretty suspicious at the least so I’m not one to herald it just yet, (well the feature was blogged here but I won’t go about among colleagues just yet to convince them to embrace Yahoo.) It is that same skepticism is what I had in mind when I ended the entry expressing the interest over “how Yahoo Mail will maintain the service.”

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