Blog of the Day: Codestore

Mac Notes Icons

I’ve been mentioning Jake’s site, Codestore, in at least two previous posts so I thought I would just as well feature him for the third Blog of the Day. This and the fact that I’ve ripped off taken two cool Lotus Notes icons from his previous blog posts actually, (including the one shown here.)

In the world of Lotus Notes/Domino development Jake Howlett has oftentimes been lumped among those big names in the foray such as Stan Rogers. Here’s Codestore in his own words:

CodeStore started in the late ’90s as a place to store bits of code (hence the name) on my hard drive. Access was soon requested by colleagues, both in and out of the office. That is when I decided to make it accessible via the web. The initial plan was not to make it public but then I thought “Why not?!”. After all if it wasn’t for people sharing with me when I was a novice I would have been lost. So, in a way, it’s payback for all those generous members of the Notes community and to those in a similar position as I was all those years ago.

CodeStore has had many looks over its lifetime and in certain ways reflects my ideals of what a site should be like – simple and functional..

The site’s popularity has never ceased to amaze me. There’s an average of about 5,000 visitors a day. What really makes it worth it though is when I receive mail that takes time to thank me.

I owe a lot of what I know in terms of Domino development to the site. It was a great relief given a technology that’s scarcely documented unlike those from MS. As an added bonus, Jake makes it a point to answer all emails to him, (well my stat’s 2 of 2 and I’m taking it, since I can’t imagine the volume of emails the guy gets daily.)


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