Common Energy Myths

Just encountered a blog entry on 6 things to consider when it comes to energy saving these days. The said tips are from an even larger list of tips from this blog from the same author of the former, Steven G. Atkinson, who himself is a technology consultant and an author. Here are the 6 myths:

  • An idle computer doesn’t use much energy.
  • It’s harmful to the computer to be turned off and on.
  • It takes more energy to raise or lower the temperature in the house than keeping it constant.
  • Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs have poor light quality, makes noises and takes time to turn on.
  • Higher costs negate any savings.
  • Off is no energy used.

Refer to the pertinent entry in 6 Things to Consider for more information on the said myths. The said blog in itself is a pretty worthwhile staple on RSS readers because of its doses of 6’s: 6 new things in 6 days of the week.


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