Blog of the Day: 6 Things to Consider

I first mentioned Steve Atkinson’s 6 Things to Consider here when I referred to his 6 Common Energy Saving Myths. And just an entry before I used his iPhone pros and cons entry to wrap up an entry on the hyped gadget.

The blog in itself presents 6 different lists for different stuff 6 times a week. While I have encountered pretty worthwhile reads there, I just wish Steve would include external links which would aid the interested reader for further reading.

Anyway an interesting blog entry from there gives 6 details on a little Ice Age from 1400 to 1850. Included in the list is an account of the activity of Mayon volcano along with La Soufriere in the Caribbean and Tambora in Indonesia during 1916, known as the year without summer. Incidentally the most destructive eruption of Mayon in recorded history was on February 1, 1814. At that time lava flows buried the town of Cagsawa and 1,200 people perished.


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