The Mystery of China’s Celtic Mummies

A certain blog entry of the same title bearing the same contents from this article by the UK independent got my attention over the weekend. The same content about the discovery can be found all throughout a lot of other blogs including this Uyghur American Association page.

That is the mummies found in China are strangely, Celtic in origin as confirmed by results of DNA tests on a hundred other samples found in Xinjiang. Now that says something about how the West and East was bridged in the remote past. I guess the only thing surprising is that though the article’s nearly a year ago already, I found it interesting because it was just about the first time I heard of it. Maybe it was because it came out at a time when I was busy studying Lotus Workflow and Domino Document Manager.

It is also interesting that given that the mummies date back to about 3000 years ago, there now exists a possibility that the west may have been in contact with the east even before Marco Polo’s documented travels and that there may have been more influence between the two cultures a lot more than what is understood now.


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