More and More Heat

Yahoo News has just reported that the west coast of the U.S. literally heating up as temperatures all across the region are on the rise. Record temperature highs are being reached and all that heat together with a very dry winter has firefighters worried as the backlash of global warming goes on. The AP photo shown here is taken from the same news article.

On the lighter side of things though, a remote village in Palawan, Bunog, got to reap the benefits of an alternative source of electricity in solar energy. The village is very far from the nearest electric post so the project was welcome as it gave the place a more viable alternative to obtain electricity. The article in itself gives villager accounts on how the project has helped children in their studies, families in their homes and small businesses in extending open hours. Here’s a photo essay on the story.


2 Responses

  1. […] states of Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Oregon and Washington, the hot condition I’ve blogged about in my previous entry has farm livelihoods in danger, people suffering from heat stroke and air conditioners pummeled […]

  2. […] Coast was done with the a hot and dry summer which saw forest fires in the region I wrote about here and here, it’s now the black bears’ turn to show up in the western states. Apparently […]

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