The Heat Continues

Heat wave could continue next weekYahoo News posted another article on the heat wave onslaught experienced over some states in mainland USA. Experienced over the states of Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Oregon and Washington, the hot condition I’ve blogged about in my previous entry has farm livelihoods in danger, people suffering from heat stroke and air conditioners pummeled among best selling products there.

And this is just about 7 months after the U.N. report on the inevitable increase in global temperature in spite of any effort to curb fossil fuel use.

The image is linked from the said Yahoo News article btw.

Heat wave fuels Western Wildfire[07/08 Update] A check at Yahoo News a day after this post, wildfires over Reno are now ablaze as the heat wave over the mainland continues. Hundreds of people are reported to have been evacuated due to an 8,000 acre wildfire which in turn is included in the list of more than a dozen ones which have affected a total of 55 square miles in that area of Nevada.

The image’s again from the article btw.

[07/09 Update] Another wildfire went at it again, this time on the southern side of Black Hills in South Dakota. This one was started by lightning then went on to flare up roughly about 11 square miles.  According to the report, the wildfire is one of dozens among several states including California, Utah, Nevada, Washington, Colorado, Montana and Oregon.


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