The Weekly Nutshell

The Toughest Day Yet

I started my working week with a leave that actually culminated a stretch of 4 days away from the workplace. While that seemed a jackpot to the busy developer then, things had their way of turning sour instantaneously.

It was a busy day last Tuesday as all people in the department I was working for were preparing a lot of reports for the following day and needed me to take a look at a lot of things in one of the databases. Imagine the toughest day of the year for me so far as I was met with the following setbacks last Tuesday:

  1. Just as I was at the gate of the organization I was assigned in the first thing in the morning, the guard informed me that my ID was expired, (it was valid until June 30.) So I had to ask someone from the department to do something for me to get in. The wait had me waste about 15 minutes of my time and late for about 8 minutes.
  2. When I turned on my PC, I realized that there was no power in my CPU. It had a different plug so I had to use a power strip for it to get going. Since there was no more power strip left in the place, my officemate had to call the appropriate people to get me one and I had to wait until lunchtime .
  3. When I was finally able to start my machine, I found out that my network password has also gone caput so I had to ask my superior to file for its renewal. I had to wait for almost 3 hours for this to get done.
  4. When I was finally able to get past the first login page and log on to Notes, I cannot open any database since the certification for my Notes ID was expired too! Upon asking my superior again, she called the Notes Admin and had my certification ironed out. After I got the confirmation, I got to do official work at past 3 pm.
  5. Just when I was finally getting a lot of things done already, all of us notice that the production server was down! When I already had the chance to rush off a lot of things in a span of time less than an hour, the server choked on me!
  6. It was almost 5 pm when I got to resume work. By about 5:30, I had a lot of the issues they raised earlier sorted. When time came for me to leave, my attention was called as replication or save conflict messages were all the entries shown in a view I tweaked earlier. Turns out that my Notes ID wasn’t properly certified at all because when my boss re-saved the view in designer, all people there saw the view return back to normal.

Well there were still a lot of minor disturbances but anyone who gets to read this will definitely get the picture. Workwise-stress, this has to be the toughest day I have experienced so far.

I could have easily done all the work I was actually able to do in at most have a day but with all the mishaps and lack-luck’s, my load remains at full until the next week.

To Do’s

Career-wise I had myself doing something new the past week: having a taste of Graphics Design. That was after 5 years of dodging the Photoshop bullet because either someone else was more qualified or willing to do it or because I had a convenient excuse of being color-blind.

So what prompted me to do it? While I have no intentions of being a top of the line graphics designer, as a Domino developer for the most part of my resumé, there’s simply no way for me to get attention to what I’m able to come up with for the web without descent graphics. Add that to the fact that not everyone’s always at my disposal and that was when I decided to take the dive.

So far I’ve been able to see what Photoshop can do as far as getting some images to be rendered transparent and to get cool buttons by using gradients and masks. Thanks a lot to the patience of an officemate for both tasks and to this resource for the latter.

Nothing complicated yet as I’ve been doing it for the requirements I’ve had for the past two weeks alone. Give me a few more months time to about a year and I’ll muster enough courage to include it somewhere in my resumé however obfuscated.

Which brings me to another list of what I want to accomplish come year end:

  1. Start learning Photoshop.
  2. Learn C# and VB.NET.
  3. Enhance my Java skills to include the Enterprise side of the technology.
  4. Enhance my Lotus Workflow and Domino Document Manager skills.
  5. Finish saving up for my daughter’s tuition fee for the next school year so that I can start saving for the following one by 2008.
  6. Upgrade my notebook’s RAM and HD.

Since the first items 2 to 4 are pretty tough to squeeze in my busy schedule, I’m rendering these as moving targets until the middle of next year.


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