The Science of Parking

Urban planning this days has just given parking careful consideration. In its recent article, The New Science of Parking, Time magazine takes a look at an urban issue that has warranted due attention in the recent years.

Take the studies mentioned in the article for example:

In a 2006 study undertaken in a Brooklyn neighborhood by Transportation Alternatives, a New York-based advocacy group, 45% of drivers interviewed admitted they were simply looking for a parking spot. A more rigorous analysis was conducted in Los Angeles by Dr. Donald Shoup, an urban planning professor at UCLA and one of the nation’s top parking gurus. Over the course of a year, he and his students found, the search for curb parking in a 15-block business district “created about 950,000 excess vehicle miles of travel — equivalent to 38 trips around the earth, or four trips to the moon,” which consumes “47,000 gallons of gas and produces 730 tons of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.”


2 Responses

  1. We are looking for more info in this regard as \we are planning to solve this problem

  2. thanks for visiting my blog shally.

    searching elsewhere yielded an operations research material and this blog entry on parking rates. the former is refers to a study you’ll still have to find elsewhere while the latter mentions a New York Times article on the same matter.

    hope that helps. 😀

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