Emerging Asia’s Innovation Edge

A business week article of the same title earlier this month focuses on the rapid rate of development of Asia powerhouses China and India. Important points from a report Gartner released days before include:

  • China is fast becoming the global leader in research. In 2005 as the report mentions, applications for patents in China outnumbered those in the United States. For instance, the names of Chinese conglomerates, Lenovo, Huawei and Haier are fast becoming significant in the market as low-cost names while investing much on research.
  • India’s mark in IT Services still leads the way as it serves as the source of half the country’s exports and is forecasted to grow at 30% every year in the market. Leading the Indian IT market are Wipro, Infosys and Tata Consulting Services.
  • The development of the two powerhouses also translates to more people who are gaining freedom from poverty. This in turn translates to more people who will become consumers in the emerging markets. This and the fact, (if the report is to be believed,) that 85% of the world’s population comes from developing countries should fuel the further development for the two.

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